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Off Camera Flash - Hands On Workshop

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Class Details

In this small class, students will work with their instructor and a model (both indoor and out) to create and construct their own OCF lighting setups from scratch. The idea is to teach concepts the student can than go home with and be confident in re-creating those setups completely without assistance. In most workshops, some of the setup is done for you with the instructor’s equipment and this can impede learning and retaining the knowledge you’ve learned. This is why we’re taking it a step further here. We will start by photographing each other for about an hour and then bring in a model to practice the setups further and really showcase the magic of off camera flash techniques.

Major topics covered:

1. Learn to make a good portrait using only one light.
2. Learn the standard lighting positions, and how those positions combined with distance and diffusion affect your image.
3. Review all the fundamentals of camera settings and triggering OCF to interact with your camera.
4. Get a closer look and extended practice at balancing or mixing OCF with natural light

-Students should have a basic understanding of manual exposure (setting aperture, shutter and ISO independently. If you have taken Photography 102 this will count too)
-Students should have a basic understanding of how to use external flash
-Students should have a digital SLR type camera or mirrorless camera with flash triggering capability.
– This is geared toward students who have already dabbled in OCF and need a stronger command of the concepts with their own equipment in play.

Class will start with a presentation and intro to the various types of equipment used for off camera flash, as well as a breakdown of how your camera settings interact with flash equipment.

Hands on shooting will follow. Each student will create and execute their own setup, get feedback from the instructor and allow the other students to try their setup. We’ll have a great model and you’re free to use the images in your own portfolio or social media.

In order to give everyone the attention and help they deserve, the class size will be limited to 6 people and one model.

*NOTE: students enrolling in this class should have strong knowledge of manual camera settings and be comfortable adjusting them (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance).  If you’re not yet comfortable with this, please take photo 102 first.

Students will be encouraged to bring their own lighting equipment for this class, one stand, one light, and one or two choice modifiers. If you do not have this yet, you can use the instructor’s equipment or find a partner to share with.

Instructor Information

Rob Andrew
Rob Andrew is San Diego based commercial photographer. He specializes in lifestyle, food and portraiture and has worked for brands and publications like Westways Magazine, John Deere, Razer Electronics, Woman's World, Vista Print, Gordon Rush, San Diego Home and Garden, Costco and more. When Rob is not shooting or teaching you can find him hiking or snowboarding in the mountains or playing guitar in and around San Diego.

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