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Natural Light Portraits 101
Natural Light Portraits 101
April 27,2019
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

If you want to capture better portraits by taking advantage of natural light, this class is for you.

Old Town (Near the Cosmo), San Diego CA
Available Spaces: 8 Price: $99.00
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Photography 101: Mastering Composition (North County)

Go from taking snapshots to creating great photographs! In this class, we teach you the ingredients of a great image.

Plaza Studios, Vista CA
Available Spaces: 18 Price: $50.00
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Photography 102: Getting to Know Your Camera (North County)

Get out of “Auto” mode for good and learn to seize control over your images to capture what you desire in any scenario.

Plaza Studios, Vista CA
Available Spaces: 9 Price: $79.00
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Learn what you want, the way you want to learn it.

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  • Learn the way you want - Online and Offline.
  • Connect and learn with your peers.
  • Improve your photography by learning from the leading experts in the industry.
  • All of your Photography education is in one place.
  • Stay up to date with the latest photography tips.

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