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On-Location Portrait Lighting


Take your photography to the next level by learning to light outdoors with small flash. Shoot hands on with a model!

This is a more advanced class focused on fashion and lifestyle on-location portraits. We’ll be meeting at Old Poway Park Park, where we should be able to make some great lifestyle/city images as well as a few “country” scenes.

Parking will be available on the street.

Please plan ahead and arrive early to ensure the class goes smoothly. We’ll be doing more improvised roaming of the area, so I recommend bringing lightweight equipment for this class. Just a camera, two lenses (portrait length and wide lens if you have them) and one PocketWizard brand trigger (optional, if you have one). I will supply flashes, additional PocketWizards and modifiers. Please don’t leave expensive gear in your car. Please bring only stuff that will fit in your bag and carry with you. We will most likely be walking about 1 mile round trip on this little adventure!

1. Using your flash off camera
2. Using wireless, manual flash
3. Balancing flash with ambient light
4. Bouncing and shaping light
5. Simulating sunlight with flash
6. Taking great sunset portraits
7. Using light shaping tools
8. Achieving a studio portrait look outdoors
9. Achieving a natural light look with flash

We will have one model on hand for this class as well as light modifiers, flashes, light stands, and transmitters and receivers.Students will work in pairs will have a chance to work both as a photographer and as a lighting assistant. The focus will be on brief discussion followed by brief assignments. An instructor will be present to instruct you, help with the technical stuff and make sure all the gear is running smoothly.

*Prerequisites for this class would be to take the Introduction to Using Flash Photography class or just have a good understanding of your flash and its capabilities (additional Nikon or Canon flashes will be available for use). You should have a DSLR and be able to shoot in manual mode.

**I encourage you to stay after to get different lighting scenarios as the sky gets darker and darker.

Instructor Information

Ben Reeve
Ben Reeve is a professional photographer specializing in High School Senior Portraits and Street Photography. His passion is outdoor portrait photography using both natural light and off camera flash to create unique portraits for his clients. Always willing to share his knowledge of photography, he turned to educating others to help inspire others.

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Date(s) - 03/26/2017
3:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Old Poway Park
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List of Attendees

  • Paul Helling
  • Sandra Martha
  • John Oathout

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