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Photoshop Basics

Class Details

Learn to take your images to the next level with the power of Photoshop! This is the introductory course and will cover the most basic and most useful Photoshop techniques. Photoshop does not have to be complex and daunting – we will be looking at techniques that apply most to digital photographers and amateurs. We will be finding the quickest ways to enhance your images and make them POP! You’ll be given an introduction on how to navigate through Photoshop and we’ll cover topics like:

  1. How to brighten or darken just certain parts of an image.
  2. How to crop and resize images properly for printing.
  3. How to straighten a crooked image.
  4. How to retouch and smooth skin.
  5. Enhancing eyes and teeth to make portraits “pop”.
  6. How to create and save actions to automate tedious tasks.
  7. How to set shortcut keys to speed up workflow.
  8. Understanding layers and masks and how they make your life easier.
  9. Create your very own watermark to add to all of your amazing photos.

We will also be tackling your individual Photoshop questions and providing an overview of all the basic controls. Handouts and sample images to work on will be provided. A USB port for a flash will be required. Please bring a fully charged laptop with Photoshop installed. Handouts provided, but note taking is highly encouraged.

Please Note:

  • Outlets will be provided and YOU MUST HAVE PHOTOSHOP INSTALLED before you arrive and please have your chargers.
  • Photoshop Elements is okay but you will not be able to follow one or two of the topics, such as creating custom actions.

Instructor Information

Wade Steelman
Wade Steelman is a professional photographer specializing in architecture and interiors photography. He has also worked extensively on commercial photo shoots as a lighting and digital tech. Well versed in Lightroom, Capture One and Photoshop, Wade is known for his keen attention to detail and strong technical background. As a certified Navy Master Training Specialist with 12 years teaching experience, he is eager to share his knowledge with you!

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Date(s) - 06/16/2018
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Plaza Studios


List of Attendees

  • Astolfo Feregrino
  • Gary Grela

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