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Here's How To Command Attention to Your Photos

Here’s How To Command Attention to Your Photos

August 12, 2014
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All it takes is a quick search on the Internet for it to be apparent that Macro photography is everywhere. If you don't have the money to purchase a Macro lens of your own, don't worry! We'll let you in on a little secret: you don't need a fancy lens to capture those dramatic images! All you have to do is move in closer. Physically move closer to your subject to really capture emotion, create a story to your image, and diminish distracting backgrounds!

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble by Mustafa Sayed

Countless photos have been taken of a subject and bubbles, so how do you make your image stand out? Move in closer! Rather than having the cookie-cutter image of the subject blowing bubbles, the photographer moved in and captured an image with more depth and intrigue. By eliminating the background and focusing on the wand, the viewer is forced to look at a small percentage of what was really happening when the photo was taken. This lets the viewer imagine what the rest of the photo must look like, commanding attention and wonder about your image!

Salute by Abhisek Sarda

Create substance and a story for your image by moving in closer and focusing on the imperfections! Getting in close allows your camera to really show the small imperfections on your subject that can sometimes steal the show, so to speak. This little boy's eyes and smile really grab your attention, but then you notice the scratches along his cheek. A story is created by the viewer- how did he get those scratches? What is going on here? If this photo was taken from farther away, the scratches would be nonexistent or too subtle to notice, and it would just be another cute photo of a child.

Eyes by Unknown

It's no secret that the Internet is full of cat pictures. Stray from the monotony by creating a more interesting cat photo! Next time you see your cat doing something super adorable, move in closer before taking the photo! Really focus on the eyes. Cats' eyes are great focal points for images because they are like humans' eyes: each set is different and beautiful. However, before you and your camera just approach a cat, make sure he or she is friendly!
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