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Photography 102: Mastering Your Camera

Class Details

Learn to use your camera to its fullest capabilities! This class includes in-depth instruction paired with hands-on experience that will turn you into a better photographer!

If you are still taking pictures in 'Auto' or 'Program' mode then this class is designed with you in mind! Photography 102 is not only a great follow up from our previous course, Photography 101, but it will allow to become more comfortable with using the various functions in your camera.

This class is going to cover the essentials of mastering your camera. Ultimately, we want to get you away from "Auto" mode so you can start taking control over your camera settings and improve your images.

After this class, you will be able to understand:
  1. Aperture and f stops and how to use them in different situations.
  2. Shutter speed and how to stop and blur motion.
  3. ISO in low light and bright situations, grainy vs. non-grainy
  4. The M, A, S, P, or Tv, Av modes on your camera and when to use which.
  5. The various white balance settings and when to use them.
  6. Bracketing and using exposure compensation when not in manual mode.
  7. Using metering in your camera to expose your images properly.
  8. The basics of your on-camera flash and when to use or not use it.

This class is estimated to last 3 hours and after each topic we will do a hands on activity to practice the new techniques you've just learned. After this class you will be able to know when to use what shutter speed with what aperture and ISO to capture the image you want. This class is great for those who want a better understanding of their camera and want to learn how to control their settings, rather than having the camera control them.

Please Note:
  • Digital SLRs or Manual Controlled Cameras. Please do not bring a point-and-shoot as your primary camera. Those who have done so in the past were not able to maximize their learning experience.
  • *Please bring your cameras (fully charged), camera manual, memory cards and a pen and paper.

What to Bring

  • DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras are ideal cameras for this class.
  • Fully charged battery
  • Empty Memory Card
  • Pen & Paper
  • Open Mind Ready to Learn


  • Great class. Now I will take what I learned and practice, practice, practice! Can't wait to take another class. Thanks Jason for making it a great learning [...]

    Karen Wiggins
    Photography 102
  • I finally let own what all the buttons and settings do on my camera! This class was especially informative! Never does it seem like information overload though. Class [...]

    Omar Castro
    Photography 102
  • Great. Very good learning experience. I appreciate you taking the extra time to teach me on both of the cameras I brought [...]

    Thomas Penfield
    Photography 102

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