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Adobe Lightroom 101: Organize, Edit & Share Your Images

Adobe Lightroom 101: Organize, Edit & Share Your Images

Adobe Lightroom is the most powerful tool for photographers next to their cameras. Professional photographers claim that 50% of what makes a good photo is the raw image captured and the other 50% that turn it into a great photo is the editing. Lightroom is the most robust software to organize, edit and share your images. In this online lecture Jason Kirby is going to walk you through how to you’re your okay and good photos and turn them into great photos, all while keeping things organized. You can expect to learn the following in this lecture:

  • What Adobe Lightroom is and what it is good for.
  • The definition of each camera mode and why you want to use one or the other and how to use them. The modes we review are:
  • How to organize and sort your images in Lightroom to know where your photos are and how to filter through to the ones you want to work on.
  • What is in the develop module and how to edit your photos within it using every tool available.
  • The most important part of, getting your photos out of Lightroom and ready to share with the world whether it is for print, Facebook, or emailing to friends and family.
  • What a workflow experience looks like as you follow Jason as he goes through photos he took of a recent local class.

After completing this entire online lecture you will have earned your Certificate of Completion for the Adobe Lightroom 101 class. From there we recommend you get your hands-on learning experience with a local instructor by signing up for a local class here.

Module 1 Adobe Lightroom 101
Unit 1 Part 1: What is Lightroom
Unit 2 Part 2: Suggested Equipment
Unit 3 Part 3: Organizing & Sorting
Unit 4 Part 4: Editing Your Photos
Unit 5 Part 5: Export Your Photos
Unit 6 Part 6: Going Through The Workflow
Unit 7 Part 7: Hands On Learning & Assignment