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Review of MindShift Gear's r180 Panorama Backpack

Review of MindShift Gear’s r180 Panorama Backpack

MindShift Gear creates products for the adventurer in you so that you don’t miss the shot of a lifetime. MindShift Gear, a sister company to Think Tank Photo, is a group of photographers and designers who want to change the way you explore and capture nature. Not only do they work to preserve and protect our planet and natural resources, but they work to preserve and protect your precious accessories as well. For instance, the Rotation 180 Panorama backpack gives you access to your accessories in seconds simply by pulling the beltpack, creating a secure bag around your waist. Whether you’re on a hike through the woods or in a crowded city cramped for space, you can have your camera in your hands, ready to shoot, in seconds! No more fumbling through your bag for a lens or a filter- the Panorama bags make life exponentially easier.
* There is a Camelbak pocket reservoir that can hold up to 3 liters of liquid with the hose extending through the strap so that you can stay hydrated throughout your adventures
* You can also purchase a rain cover to protect your gear from heavy rainfall.
* With the utility strap, you can store your filters in the convenient Filter Holder that is easily reattached to the strap with Velcro.
* The backpack is small and lightweight, only 2.9 pounds, unlike the r180 Professional backpack.
* There are also many different compartments to keep your photography gear separate from your other necessities, letting you optimize your space.
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