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You’re planning on taking a trip to New-York, Paris, or Tokyo and want to impress your friends with some cool shots of the city? You’re a fan of tall buildings and weirdly shaped bridges? Or maybe you just like to wander around Downtown San Diego looking up? This class is for you! For three hours, you’ll learn all the tricks and tips for taking amazing architecture shots.

The details of the class are as follows:

  1. The first hour will be an introduction and will cover the main key points of architecture photography such as composition, dynamic, leading lines. The rest of the time will be hands on, learn as you go activities.
  2. The next two hours of the class will be hands on, learn as you go activities. We’ll wander around the area to try and capture the particularities of downtown San Diego buildings.
  3. This will be held outdoors with only natural lighting as our light source. No flashes, as it is usually no use in architecture photography.
  4. It will be in the afternoon and go towards dusk time so you experience the different shadows and angles that the sun will cast on your subjects. It will be a great opportunity to understand reflection and surfaces.
  5. Few things to keep in mind for this class:- Weather, weather, weather. We have no control over it so please check the weather in advance and make appropriate accommodations. - Outside distractions. Because this class will be outdoors you need to make sure to stay focused and not be distracted by other people or objects not associated with the class.

What you can expect to leave with after this class:

  • You’ll be able to compose pictures with strong lines and powerful dynamic, and make the best out of the an architectural subject, whether you want to produce realistic or abstract pictures.
  • You’ll learn how to play with surfaces and light reflection.
  • You can apply what you learn to taking better travels photos and wowing your family and friends with your new photography skills.

What to Bring

  • Camera (fully charged) with spare memory cards
  • A tripod (if you have one)
  • Pen and paper to take notes


  • The class was well thought out. I appreciated the review of concepts in the beginning prior to starting to our taking pictures [...]

    Ty Pebley
    Architecture & Linear
  • Thierry was a great instructor. Small group was in attendance so everybody got some 1on1 feedback. Would recommend this to others, for sure [...]

    Architecture & Linear
  • Thierry sees the world in a way that involves angles and lines, balance an symmetry. This was a wonderful peek into that world [...]

    James Clark
    Architecture & Linear

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