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Controlling Action and Motion

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Have you ever wondered why your pictures come out blurry or how you can stop action and capture those amazing action shots? Then this is the class for you! There are several issues every photography faces when attempting to capture motion, whether they are trying to stop action or blur it. Action photography is not only fun to learn, but it is also important when trying to capture memories of your pets, kids running around in the background, sports games on Saturday mornings and much more. This class is going to cover the various types of action photography, when to stop it, when to blur it, and how to do both. We will dive into how shutter speed affects your images and how you can control it to get the photos you desire. In this class we will:

  1. Cover shutter priority and controlling shutter speed in manual mode.
  2. Stop motion outdoors and in low light (indoors).
  3. Blur motion outdoors and in low light.
  4. Understand how filters can give you an advantage outdoors.
  5. Have lots of hands-on activities.
  6. Learn how to time action as it crosses the frame.
  7. Understand how your distance to the subject affects the motion in an image.
  8. Play with flash and learn how it can stop motion even with slow shutter speeds.

This class is estimated to last 3 hours and after each topic we will do a hands-on activity to practice the new techniques you just learned. After this class you will know when to use which shutter speed with which ISO to capture the shot you're going for. This class is great for those interested in getting better photos of their kids or pets or just want to have a really fun time manipulating time with their camera. Please Note:

  • Digital SLRs and compact cameras are preferred. Please do not bring a point-and-shoot as your primary camera. Those who have done so in the past were not able to maximize their learning experience.
  • Please bring your cameras (fully charged), camera manual, memory cards, tripod if you have one, and a pen and paper.
Photo credit: Veronica McCrane

  • Camera (fully charged) with spare memory cards and manual
  • A tripod (if you have one)
  • Pen and paper to take notes


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    Erik Romero
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  • It was a great and fun class. Jason is very patient and explains everything very well. I learned a lot in these three hours [...]

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