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Night & Low Light Photography Class

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Step up your skills and learn how to take beautiful pictures at night, indoors and out. Learn settings, limitations, and techniques to truly improve your night photography!

If you have ever taken blurry photos at night or indoors and hate how it ruins your photos, this is the class for you! This class is a bit more advanced, but is perfect for anyone looking to take better photographs at night or in low-light situations including outdoor and indoor night photography. You will learn what settings to use in different lighting situations and then you will have the opportunity to apply what you learned during the hands-on portion of the class. The first part will be an introduction and will cover the key points of night photography. The rest of the time will be hands-on and learn-as-you-go activities.

In this class you can expect to learn:

  1. The different types and scenarios of night & low-light photography (indoor, club scene, outdoor, nightscapes, and flash photography).
  2. What settings to use in your camera to make sure you don’t miss the shot and to reduce your chances of blurry or overly dark images or the dreadful grainy images.
  3. The quickest way to apply the settings mentioned above.
  4. What your camera’s limitations are so you can stay within them and still get the shot you want.
  5. When and when not to use your flash and how to control your flash output.

  • Your camera (fully charged)
  • Tripod (if you have one)
  • External flash
  • Pen and paper to take notes


  • Rob did a really great job introducing us to the issues and challenges that you run into in this type of lighting. I am VERY much a novice [...]

    Nicole Reyes
    Night & Low Light
  • Thanks for the awesome class. I learned so much [...]

    Night & Low Light
  • Learned a lot, great advice and will go to another class very soon [...]

    Karen Wiggins
    Night & Low Light

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