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Understanding Flash Photography

Class Details

Become comfortable using your flash to create interesting and beautiful pictures. Learn new effects and techniques to become a pro with flash!

This is an introductory class involving on- and off-camera flashes for those who want to learn how to manipulate flashes to get that really interesting lighting effects. This class will teach you how to properly set up your flashes (wired or wireless) and understand how, when, and why to use them. Many people feel intimidated when using an off-camera flash (your instructor included, when he first started). I will make sure to inform you of all of the key terms and features that you need to be comfortable with in order to use your flash successfully.

For those of you looking to step up your photography skills and gain some valuable experience, this is a must take class. It will provide all of the appropriate knowledge you need to enhance your images using flash outdoors.

You will walk away knowing how to:

  1. Not be intimidated by all of the terminology and functions of your flash
  2. Setup your flash(es) (Nikon and Canon) to work wirelessly or through a TTL cord.
  3. Use i-TTL vs. manual mode in your flash
  4. Maneuver through manual mode in your camera
  5. Determine where to place your flashes to get desired lighting results
  6. Manipulate light to prevent or utilize the scattering of light (difference between direct and diffused light).

Items that you will need to bring are:

  1. Your DSLR camera
  2. Any and all flash units if you have them (I will provide extra Nikon flashes)
  3. Pocket wizards and/or TTL cords
  4. Memory cards
  5. Fully charged battery

Please Note:

*Please be sure you've taken Photography 102 or make sure you're comfortable manipulating your camera’s manual settings. (Shutter speed, ISO and Aperture) *I have plenty of flashes and radio triggers to use for those of you who don't have a flash yet.

What to Bring

  • Your camera (fully charged)
  • External flash


  • Great class...finally learned how to use my flash! Thank you Rob [...]

    Megan Lampkin
    Understanding Flash
  • Awesome class! Information and Length of the class was perfect. The combination of PowerPoint and Hands On Practice was well done. As always, I walked away from Right [...]

    Understanding Flash
  • Cool class that touched on the principals of lighting including: the many types of lighting modifiers, on/off-camera flash setups and different configurations with pros/cons. Overall [...]

    Austin Rutledge
    Understanding Flash

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