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Landscape Photography Online Class

Dominate Your Landscape Photography
The course is broken into several digestible sections to teach you what you need to know to capture amazing landscape imagery that will impress you and your friends. In this online lecture you will learn the following:
  • The definition of a landscape and the differences between the three different types of landscapes
  • What equipment is recommended to capture the best photos possible
  • What goes into creating great landscape images
    1. Capturing great light
    2. Composing your landscapes
    3. Getting the proper exposure
  • How to set a goal for photography the perfect landscape image
  • Recommendations for hands-on learning

After completing this course it is highly recommended to attend one of the many landscape workshops we offer in your area to help provide you additional hands-on instruction.

Module 1 Landscape Photography Class
Unit 1 Part 1: Intro & Defining Landscape Photography
Unit 2 Part 2: Recommended Equipment
Unit 3 Part 3: How to Capture Great Landscapes
Unit 4 Part 4: Setting Your Exposure
Unit 5 Part 5: Setting the Goal
Unit 6 Part 6: Hands-on Assignment