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Night Photography Class Online

Take Great Photos at Night
This is the course for learning the essentials about night photography. This class will teach you everything you need to capture amazing night photography and is broken into several parts that will teach you how to do the following:
  • Capture the moon
  • Shoot the stars
  • Capture the colors of dusk
  • Photograph incredible cityscape images
  • Have fun with blurring motion at night
  • Take photos of fireworks in action
  • Even capture an image of lightning
  • Play with light painting and paint your image with light
In addition to all of this great content, professional photographer, Jason Kirby, will take you out on-location showing you exactly how he gets his shots from the settings to the gear.

After completing this course it is highly recommended to attend one of the many landscape workshops we offer in your area to help provide you additional hands-on instruction.

Module 1 Night Photography
Unit 1 Part 1: Intro to Night Photography
Unit 2 Part 2: Recommended Equipment
Unit 3 Part 3: Setting Your Exposure
Unit 4 Part 4.1: Shooting the Moon
Unit 5 Part 4.2: Shooting the Stars
Unit 6 Part 4.3: Dusk Photography
Unit 7 Part 4.4: Cityscapes at Night
Unit 8 Part 4.5: Blurring Motion
Unit 9 Part 4.6: Everyone Loves Fireworks
Unit 10 Part 4.7: Capturing Lightning
Unit 11 Part 4.8: Fun with Light Painting
Unit 12 Part 5: Setting the Goal
Unit 13 Part 6: Hands-on Assignment