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Outdoor Portrait Photography Online Class

Mastering Portrait Photography Outdoors
The course is broken into several digestible sections to teach you what you need to know to capture amazing portrait photography using only outdoor available light. In this online lecture you will learn the following:
  • The definition of what is portrait photography when using available light.
  • What equipment is recommended to capture the best portraits possible without breaking the bank.
  • All the different types of portrait photography that you might encounter.
    1. Heasdhot portraiture
    2. Typical portraiture
    3. Modeling portraits
    4. Environmental portraits
    5. Candid portraits
  • The essential steps to capturing incredible portraits
    • Great communication with your model.
    • How maximize your available light.
    • Using reflectors to enhance the available light to give you studio quality image.
    • What to do with your backgrounds and how to avoid distractions
    • How to get the right pose and what the basics are for posing
  • Walk through setting a goal and achieving a great image with Jason and his model on-location
  • Recommendations to apply everything you learned via hands-on learning

After completing this course it is highly recommended to attend one of the many portrait workshops we offer in your area to help provide you additional hands-on instruction.

Module 1 Portrait Photography Outdoors
Unit 1 Part 1: Introduction to Outdoor Portrait Photography
Unit 2 Part 2: Recommended Equipment
Unit 3 Part 3: Outdoor Portrait Exposure Settings
Unit 4 Part 4a: How to Capture Great Portraits
Unit 5 Part 4b: Great Outdoor Portrait Lighting
Unit 6 Part 4c: Using the Right Equipment
Unit 7 Part 4d: Choosing the Right Background
Unit 8 Part 4e: Posing & Composing
Unit 9 Part 5: Setting the Goal
Unit 10 Part 6: Hands-On Assignment