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Photography 101: 9 Steps to Better Composition

Where should you start? How can you capture the image in your head and take the perfect shot? This course will teach you the composition tips and techniques to teach you how to take photographs that you will love, no more basic snapshots after you take this class!

After this class you will:
  1. Have a better understanding on what your goals are for learning to become a better photographer.
  2. Learn how to better compose your photos and see instant improvements in the photographs you take.
  3. Gain a better understanding of using natural light as well as other sources of light to your advantage in different situations.
  4. Understand what other classes might be of interest to you in your pursuit of becoming the photographer you want to be.

This course is completely free!

Module 1 Introduction to Photography
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Part 1: Changing Your Perspective
Unit 3 Part 2: Position of Light
Unit 4 Part 3: Rule of Thirds
Unit 5 Part 4: Leading Lines
Unit 6 Part 5: Repetition & Symmetry
Unit 7 Part 6: Horizontal vs. Vertical
Unit 8 Part 7: Getting Closer
Unit 9 Part 8: Framing Your Images
Unit 10 Part 9: Controlling Your Depth of Field
Unit 11 Part 10: Hands On Activity & Taking Action