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Photography 102: Master Your Camera

Photography 102: Understand Exposure & Master Your Camera

This class is hands down the BEST class we offer for beginners wanting to finally understand their camera to where they never have to shoot in automode again. The course is broken into several digestible sections to teach you what you how exposure works and to master your camera to get out of automode for good. In this online lecture you will learn the following:

  • About which camera you use like Compact, Mirrorless & DSLR cameras and what their differences are.
  • The definition of each camera mode and why you want to use one or the other and how to use them. The modes we review are:
    • The scene modes like Portrait, Landscape, Macro,Action, Night Portrait modes
    • The proper modes you should use like Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Mode.
  • What the relationship is between shutter speed, aperture and ISO, how to set them, what they mean and when to use what.
  • How to set and manipulate exposure compensation.
  • The 4 different metering options and when to use the right one.
  • How to capture the proper colors by controlling your white balance.
  • When to use your pop-up flash and what is best used for.

This class is comprehensive to the point where most of our students feel like everything "clicks" when it comes to exposure and controlling it in their camera. After completing this course it is highly recommended to attend one of the many portrait workshops we offer in your area to help provide you additional hands-on instruction.

Module 1 Photography 102: Mastering Your Camera
Unit 1 Part 1: Introduction to Photography 102 & Camera Types
Unit 2 Part 2: Exposure Modes
Unit 3 Part 3: Understand Your Camera's Light Meter
Unit 4 Part 4: Understanding Shutter Speed
Unit 5 Part 5: Understanding Aperture
Unit 6 Part 6: Controlling Your ISO
Unit 7 Part 7: Exposure Compensation
Unit 8 Part 8: Changing How Your Camera Meters Light
Unit 9 Part 9: White Balance
Unit 10 Part 10: On-Camera Flash
Unit 11 Part 11: Hands-on Activities